Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What are Spirit Sticks?

My last post about Spirit Sticks was a bit vague.  It was my 5-am-I-cannot-sleep post.  Now that I've given these out to my students I have pictures and ideas to use these Spirit Sticks to motivate your child(ren) or students!

 First of all, Spirit Sticks are little patches that have a hole in them so they can be put on a key ring which can be attached to a lanyard, music case, backpack, or music bag.  Right now The Practice Shoppe has 30 DIFFERENT varieties of Spirit Sticks.
 What my kids love about these is they are bright and colorful and fun to collect!  You know how kids are - my son must have 1000 Pokemon cards in his room.  They collect rocks, seashells, stickers, etc.  You can't get these at your local store or even online (they are only sold wholesale online.)  If you're lucky your school might have a Spirit Stick incentive program.  So, this makes them valuable to your children if they earn them.  They will be unique and have something fun to display their love of music!  It's a great conversation piece.
 At my last student recital, instead of refreshments I gave each of my students their first Spirit Stick.  It's an "I {heart} Suzuki" stick that they can put on their case to show the world that they are a Suzuki student!
 For those students who have practice 100 days in a row, they received the "Practice Makes Perfect" Spirit Stick.  Only the consistent practicers got these ones.
 I also gave the "I {heart} Making Music" to my students who are enrolled in institute.  I believe that summer institute is one of the greatest motivators out there.  So, I wanted to reward those who  have already signed up.
I have one of the Suzuki sticks on my keys.  It's not bulky, but it's fun to show people that I'm a Suzuki mom and teacher.  Go check out my new Spirit Sticks which are now online.  I've got "100 days", "Orchestra", "Practice Champ" and a bunch a fun ones that don't necessarily have to do with music, but would be a great reward.

I gave each of my daughters the "Suzuki" stick to put with their collection.  My 10 year old daughter wanted the "I Love Making Music" stick, but I said she had to earn it.  She made her own goal and if she completes it, I'll let her have it.  I hope some of you will catch the Spirit of practicing.   I'm so excited about these that I've been losing sleep.  I just wish I had thousands of dollars to custom make more.  So, if these are successful, you'll see more Music sticks in the future.

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Life in Austin, Texas said...

I'm just seeing this and would LOVE to order sets for my students. Unfortunately you don't have many left. Any suggestions on where I can order some?