Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Caroline's Crazy Game

Now that school has started it's nice to get in a good routine of practicing again.  My 5 year old is in half-day Kindergarten which is perfect for a young Suzuki student because we have all morning free to get our practicing done.  It make my heart smile when I hear my five year old going through all her pieces for fun, even if I haven't asked her too.  She loves to play the violin!  I believe this is why it's important to leave the violins out where they can pick them up and play them anytime.

I made this game months ago.  After several days of productive practice we'll pull out this game as her "reward" for good practicing.  This has a lot of squares specific to what we are working on.  What she likes about it are all the pictures of the dice we use during practicing.  She LOVES to roll the dice!  We get some review done with the Book 1 review dice and Twinkle dice.  We play Roll-10 when she lands on the notes dice.  When she lands on the eighth note we do a little bit of note reading.  Her favorite is making a silly face whenever she passes the silly face half-way through the board.  It's just a silly little game, but it's a great reward practice session!

I have both Caroline's Crazy Game and a blank Crazy Practice Game available to download online.  I laminated my board so we can use and reuse it over and over again without it getting too trashed.  I love these games!