Monday, January 11, 2021

O’fish’ial Suzuki Book 1 Review

It's been a while (almost two years!) since I last posted.  Life gets busy and some things drop off.  However, this week our family got COVID and that means we get to stay home for at least 10 days.  We can't go anywhere, do anything.  I've felt too sick to clean my house or do laundry, but not sick enough to stay in bed all day.  The result is a lot of new printables created.  Yay!  

Here is a great review game.  In my experience, just about all kids love a good fishing game.  I've been wanting to make a fishing review game for a while now.  I don't have any kids in Suzuki Violin Book 1 anymore, but I have students and I plan to lend this game out. I used brass brads for the eyes that connect perfectly to the magnet fishing pole.

While I had the fish graphics ready I also made an easy chart with all the Suzuki Book 1 pieces.  The idea is to mark off the piece when you play it.  You don't erase the chart until you've played every piece.

Lastly is a blank chart with 60 fish.  Color or cross out a fish for every review song you play.  Have a celebration when you complete the chart.

There you go, folks.  Three games in one printable.  I hope you enjoy!