Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Practicing

You will give your child a sense of the importance of practice if you require practicing even on holidays.  You may think I'm a scrooge for making my kids practice on days like Christmas or their birthday, but it works!  Practicing on a holiday is a great way to make it different, unique, or fun.  Here are some ways to do so:
  • Have your child pick her 5 favorite things to do - then practicing is done!
  • Have a small present to open after practicing (this could be a special present that has to do with music, practicing, or their instrument.)
  • Make it fun by doing an art project or craft - adding different sections between each song (adding feathers to a turkey or ornaments on a tree.)
  • If it's Christmas - only play Christmas songs.
  • Make a chain out of construction paper and put the name of a song on each link.  Either glue each link after they play, or have it already glued together and rip off a link and play what is on the paper.
Most of all - don't get upset about practicing on a holiday.  If it's not working - just stop!  The kids memory of the holiday should be a happy one!

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