Friday, December 17, 2010


One of my favorite articles in the SAA is "The Official Medical Guide to Practicitis." My daughter has had a bad case of practicitis this week. She particularly has a problem with Physical Avoidance Syndrome. "The major sign is a request to use the bathroom." EVERY practice, EVERY lesson!

Another sign of her practicitis is Acute Spontaneous Juvenile Pain Syndrome. "Symptoms range from something like toe aches and headaches, to whole limbs being sore and unable to move." It doesn't matter what it is - it's magnified 100 times when we're practicing.

She also seemed to have a certain amount of sadness or fatigue whenever she had to perform. However, as soon as she was off the stage - she was all smiles again.

One way I got over this little probem was a bit of bribery. "If you play your violin happily at the concert tonight you can have some ice cream after!" "Okay!!!"

At our last concert she was all smiles - too much. She was giggling, and waving to me and my parents (10 times), and whispering to the girl next to her the whole time! Well, I suppose it was more amusing for concert goers to see this side of her personality than the crying/tired side.

It's all part of the journey...

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