Sunday, May 29, 2011

Report on 2-a-day Practices

I have been doing 2-a-day practices the past two weeks with my two daughters. Here is my report...


This is definitely going to be our new practice routine - especially next school year. My kids school is early enough that they don't have time to do all of their practicing in the morning, but I am a believer that morning practices are the best. I have broken up my children's practice list by morning and afternoon. They practice their new material in the morning when their mind is fresh. They practice review in the afternoon when they can just play for fun. It's been amazing at the practice quality from my 8 year old in Book 5. She's diligently working on her new stuff and has rapidly progressed. However, the review has not gone by the wayside. She's done more review these past few weeks and has even polished her Seitz concertos once again. Here is a picture of the practice list I tape to the wall next to her music stand.

My 4 year old Book 1 daughter is doing very well also. Our first practice session she plays her 3 newest pieces plus her new finger exercise (this week it was blue finger pattern 10 times.) This takes about 10-15 minutes. By then she's happy to take a break. The second practice session of the day we use this chart and she puts magnets on the pieces she's played. When the chart is filled she's finished. Awesome practicing this week!

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