Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bravo Bingo again

I made this Bravo Bingo chart a while ago and it's so cute!  I updated it from the Mauer's String Book.  However, I'm finally getting around to actually using it with my daughter and I can see that some things need to change.  Most of all it needs to be customizable (is that even a word?)  So, I've attached it as a Word document on the Practice Shoppe website so you can download  it and put any sort of exercises you need in the different spots.  My daughter's favorite square is "Hug mom."  Probably because it's the easiest - but I like it!


Unknown said...

Could you post the exact title of the Maurer String book, or if that is it, do you know where it is available?

I searched google, but couldn't find anything.

Thank you!

I'm not sure how to get your answer....will your response send me a notification? If not, would you mind terribly to email me at I love your website - I am always looking at it, have bought some neat things, and am recommending it to parents all the time.

Leslie said...

The Maurer String Book is just that. It's called "String Book" by the Maurers. It's an old book that someone must have given to me. All the pages looked typed with a typewriter and it is spiral bound. It has so much good information, but I'm not sure it's for sale anywhere. I couldn't find it when I googled it. Check with some older string teachers and they might have one you could borrow.