Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some Easter Inspiration

It's a week until Easter and I finally have a small variety of charts to offer you for Easter.  If you have any Easter charts (or any kinds of practice charts for that matter) please send them over.  I'll add them online even if it's not the season because Easter will come around every year!
A chart like this (20) is great for reviewing pieces or practicing new pieces.  My 6 year old is at the end of Suzuki Book 2.  She's learning Minuet in G (Beethoven) and it has 4 different sections.  I will let her put a sticker on or cross off an egg each time she plays one of the 4 sections 5-10 times (the amount will depend of the day or her particular mood.)
 Okay people - you know your kids will think this is funny.  Silly but easy.  Put a piece or rep in each box and a jelly bean (that's the bunny poop) in each box.  Play the piece, eat the jelly bean.

This one can be done as a start to finish from the bunny to the basket or as a check off of eggs for reps, etc.  I'm planning to pencil in a piece on each egg as a daily practice chart.

Another easy one.  Can be repetitions or pieces.  Reward is coloring the bunny when done.

You can Download all of these Easter Charts HERE

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Jill Foley said...

At Easter I put review pieces into plastic eggs and have my students choose eggs out of a basket. Sometimes we get through all the eggs, sometimes I hide the eggs, sometimes we just do a few. It just adds a little fun...