Tuesday, April 9, 2013

100 Days of Practicing Club

I am so excited because I have finally purchased something I've wanted for a long time...a 100 Days of Practicing Club Plaque.  These are pretty expensive, but I really believe it will be a great motivator to recognize my students who are consistently practicing.  On the plaque are 36 spots for students names who have practicing 100 days (or more) in a row.  If they do more than 100 days I make them a new nameplate to replace the existing one with their current number of 100 days (200, 300, 400, etc.)  This way they won't feel like they've gotten their reward after only 100....they can keep going!  I'm also counting any number of consecutive 100 day practices even if they are not all consecutive with each other.  For example, on student might practice 100 days in 2010, then missed some days and decided to start all over again and 2011.  The next 100 days will also count (and I will get a 200 day plate) so they can feel like no matter what they can always try again for another 100 days and get recognized for it. 
Students also get a 100 Days Spirit Stick each time they finish a 100 days to add to their collection.
For the students who practice for a whole year I get their own plaque to hang on my wall.  I've left some space at the bottom to add consecutive years if they do more than one year. 

I'm so excited for my students to see their names on my wall.  I already have two more students to add to the 100 days club since I made this and I will definitely make a huge deal out of it!  Practicing consecutively is awesome!

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