Monday, September 30, 2013

Trick or Treat...or Share

Here's a fun October practice idea called "Trick or Treat...or Share."

I have 9 pieces of paper (about index card size) with pumpkins on them. Three of them say "Trick" on the front; three of them say "Treat," and three of them say "Share." Laminate them if you want. On the back of the cards, I put post-it's with what we would do during practicing. The child chooses a card, and we would follow the instructions on the back. You might incorporate these in your normal practice routine every once in a while--in between other things they are practicing. Here are a few examples of what you could put on the back of them.

The "Trick" Card
The "Trick" card has a trick that the children perform. Here are some examples:
  1. Play this preview spot so many times, for a particular reason (i.e. getting the 3 in tune.) Wow! Tricky!
  2. Name that tune, tell the composer, and play the song in the dark with good tone.
  3. Do jumping jacks while telling your favorite joke. Note this doesn't have anything to do with practicing. It's just a good break to get them smiling.
The "Treat" Card
The "Treat" card has nothing to do with food, unless you want to add that. Instead, the children end up with a reward that has to do with music.
  1. Mom/Dad plays something for you on your violin (or at least tries to play something)
  2. Listen to a classical piece that is not a Suzuki piece.
  3. Watch a video of someone playing the piece you are on (or another piece). This could be a famous virtuoso or someone else you just happened to find on youtube. Talk about what you liked and anything you didn't like.
The "Share" Card
The "Share" card has something that the child could share with you or someone else that happens to be around--even a few stuffed animals would work.
  1. Share a hug.
  2. Play your favorite song for someone else or an audience of stuffed animals. You could even make the stuffed animals say one thing they really liked about the performance.
  3. Make up a song that sounds spooky.
Hope you have fun with this idea if you decide to try it!



Jill Foley said...

Great idea! I'll give this a try with my girls.

Lance Kupiak said...

Very creative ideas! Will definitely give some of them a try! Thanks!

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