Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recipe for a Successful Practice

A few weekends ago I got the privilege to present at a Suzuki Piano workshop for parents.  As I was thinking of ideas of what to present I decided that we were (mostly) all moms and we do a lot of cooking and can relate to recipes.  Therefore, the title of my presentation was "Recipe for a Successful Practice."

Nothing I said was new or scientific, but rather a fun way to reinforce some basic qualities of a successful practice.  I've included my handout here and hopefully you can get some ideas on what you need to improve to make your practicing more successful.  Perhaps you can give a presentation like this to parents of music students.  It's good to hear the same things over and over!


Unknown said...

Aww, this is lovely. I'll definitely be hanging on to this idea to help parents in the future.

Ruth Showalter said...

This is sweet! Is there a way to down load your recipe? (not expecting free, btw) Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!