Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making Goals for Practicing

This is a chart I like to use when I feel like my daughter needs some intrinsic motivation to practice.  I like this chart because I can focus on other things besides the specific practice points that I would use on a regular practice guide.  Here are some ideas I've used and thought of to put on this chart.  Do you have any others?

  • Get your violin out without being asked
  • Play through {this} piece remembering all the repeats
  • Remind mom to practice
  • Practice happily
  • Put rosin on your bow
  • Practice all of your review pieces (this may take a day or two or three)
  • Put away your violin after practice
  • Perform your new piece for someone (dad, grandma, etc.)
  • Practice everything on your chart
  • Remember to say "thank you" after your lesson
  • Practice your scales & warm-ups without complaining
  • more?

You can download this chart here.

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