Monday, January 11, 2016

Practice Ideas

Sometimes you just need to add some spice to practicing.  Here are what some of my teacher friends did with their practicing this week:

Katie Mattox from Mattix Music Studio:Having trouble getting back into practice? Make work into a game! Here's our "train station game" from today with small tasks written on each station. Once you complete the practice goal or task, drive your train to the next station. We had to have a chocolate at the end, of course!

Asheley Watabe with The Gifted Music School, Sotto Voce Strings and Rocky Mountain Strings: It's a super hero matching game-- every time Jack does a task he gets to turn over one cup to see if he finds a match.... There are 20 cups! It's awesome!

Kelly Stewart with The Gifted Music School: A few years back Koen Rens gave a silent masterclass. I loved how he used his violin to speak to the kids and communicate what he wanted them to do. We tried it at home. Genius! Suddenly she couldn't sass, and more importantly, I couldn't YELL.

Stacy Smith with the Gifted Music School and President-Elect of the Suzuki Association of Utah: Today's practice game: Uno cards. Grab a bunch of uno cards. Get a bunch of different numbers, limit the word cards. Line them up on the stand. The kid picks the card, you pick what they do. For example: 5. "Ok, now you're going to play 5 A major scales." 3: "3 review pieces with a perfect wrist." Big numbers are great for now exercises. Word cards are something you do- I usually demonstrated something but have awful posture. They always fix it! I forgot about this game until today, it worked wonders with my 5 year old. We got 45 min in without complaint.

Do you have a fun and easy practice game you'd like to share?  Send a brief description and a quick photo to

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