Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Play or Dare

Play or Dare is a game I've played a few times during group classes.  I played it at our Book 1-2 group today and wanted to post it in case this might help someone with practicing.  This would be a great practicing game if you took the time to prepare fun "Dares" for the child.

Here is a picture of some of the "Dares" we did in our group class today.

I put the "Play" cards (different pieces that we needed to work on) 
and the "Dare" cards on my {cool 70's} fireplace.

Here is some other "Dare" ideas I've used: 
* Pick a "play" card and practice leading that piece.
* Show us your favorite dance move.
* Tell us something you like about your violin teacher.
* Sing the next "play" card. (OR whistle or hum)
* Choose a funny way to sit or stand and play the next piece that way.
* Do ten jumping jacks and then turn around in a circle five times.

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