Saturday, January 12, 2013

Practicing I'm a Little Monkey!

My darling daughter just finished her I'm a Little Monkey chart.  I'm a Little Monkey is a pretty standard pre-twinkle song with Suzuki.  It paves the way to learning Twinkle and it requires lots and lots and lots of playing.  My girl's other teacher, Ramona Stirling, uses this chart and I like that it's unique and different than the typical chart.

First of all I print 5 copies of this chart.  This makes 90 repetitions.
We then cut up the chart and tape it together to make a giant ladder.  Each day she would average about 5 Monkey songs and we would put stickers on the chart at the end of her practice.  
 After a few weeks we have finished the chart and she got a prize....such an exciting day for her.  We've taped it on the wall for everyone to see.  It's been a great accomplishment for her.  Now she is ready to learn the basics of Twinkle!

You can download this chart at The Practice Shoppe.

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